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specialist support

Specialist Support Plans are dedicated to help you heal, grow and flourish. They are designed with the most difficult challenges we can face in mind, focused on recovery and healing. They are different Self Care Plans are instead dedicated to helping you support your health and wellbeing with regular sessions. Whether you are looking to embark on a self care program, support your existing self care with holistic approaches, manage a long term condition or are venturing on a path to rediscover your spirituality, Flourish treatment plans are tailored specifically for you.
With all plans, your booking is given priority as you can book each session in advance at checkout and secure your preferred appointment day and time each week.
  • Mighty Oak Medicine

    jede Woche
    Transformational 3 month self care plan
    Gültig für 12 Wochen
    • 12 x 1.5hr dedicated one to one sessions over 3 months
    • One session each week, adapted to your needs and progress
    • Tailored support for your personal development & resilience
    • Priority booking, your preferred day & time each week*
    • Free access to 10 health, wellness & spiritual blog posts
    • Deposit £330 with 12 x weekly payments of £50
    • *on Flourish working days only
Seedling | 4 week plan - 4 x 1hr sessions
  • Specifically designed for clients who are new to self care and want to begin a dedicated program to support their health and wellbeing 
  • We often think of self care as something that we should automatically know how to do but many of us have not been taught or shown how to successfully support all aspects of our wellbeing, including mental and emotional health and resilience
  • Introductory starter plan of 4 x 1hr weekly sessions of Bodywork therapy (this may include Massage, Reflexology, Reiki and Acupressure) over 4 weeks. 
Each of your weekly appointments can be booked online in advance and payment is automatically taken each week- please see the terms and conditions page before booking.